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Nemzetközi verseny

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ezt a levelet kaptam nemrég, nemsokára jön egy összefoglaló fordítás.

Hello Péter,

I'm contacting in you regards to an international Balkan contest which the
Bulgarian LUG is organizing this month.

The contest is due to start within the next two weeks, it will be
Town/City-based, and I will post extensive information and details on how
to enter it in our forum ( 's English section. We are planning
on turning this contest into an annual tradition and would like to invite
participants from the following countries: Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia,
Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey - of course, with the focus being
on AFOL participants and LUGs from these countries.

I do hope that you and your fellow MaLUG Club members would be willing
to join the contest - I can promise you that first prize will be extremely
lucrative - as it should be, in an international contest of such

I will announce further details and information on the contest in the
future, but at this point I would like to know whether your LUG could
supply us with one judge who would be a member of the committee which will
rate the MOCs once the contest finishes. Our plan is to have a judge from
each of these countries, along with one more judge from the store which
supplies the awards, with all of those judges voting on the MOCs once the
contest closes. Voting will be done in accordance with a point-based system
and we hope that having a judge from all of these countries would be the
fairest way to ensure non-biased distribution of points. Information on the
respective points awarded to MOCs will be sent out to all judges after the
winners have been anounced in order to verify the results.

I would need the e-mail address of one of your LUG members who would be
willing to act as judge. Unfortunately, that member will not be able to
participate in the contest and their position as a judge in the contest
must remain anonimous. Furthermore, I have also contacted the Hungarian
LEGO Train Club HUNLTC and I would be grateful if you could let me know
whether your clubs will like to register two judges in the contest or one.

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